Date of Birth: 01.01.1887
Date of Death: 01.01.1922
Sex: stallion
Color: dark chestnut
StB Number: GSB


A Saqlawi Jidran of the marbat of Ibn Sudan Purchased from his breeder by Wilfrid & Lady Anne Blunt in 1889 Imported to England in 1891 by the Blunts Sold to Russia in 1903 Notes: The above information (except for the later transfer) is from the entry for Mesaoud in Weatherby's General Stud Book [XVII, 814] The transfer is from Lady Anne Blunt's journal entries [J&C, 5/22/1903] Lady Anne [J&C, 2/2/1887] indicated that she had received pedigrees in Ali Pasha Sharif's own hand for: Mesaoud; Merzuk (APS); and a 3rd youngster, Khatila (APS), which the Blunts had just purchased.

Aziz EG
chestnut 1878
Yemameh EG
grey 1872
Zobeyni EG
grey 1844
Ghazieh EG
grey 1850
Gadir EG
grey 1840
Yamama EG
grey 1845
  • Matings: 12
  • Total offspring: 12
  • Colts: 6
  • Fillies: 6
  • 31.12.00 — s. Nadir (Nafisa)
  • 01.01.02 — m. Hamasa (Horra)
  • 01.01.04 — s. Abu Zeyd (Rose Diamond)
  • 01.01.04 — m. Riada (Rosemary)