Дата рождения: 01.01.1875
Дата смерти: 01.01.1910
Пол: кобыла
Масть: серая


On Dec. 14, 1896 Purchased from her breeder by Wilfrid & Lady Anne Blunt imported in May 1897 to England The famous 'broken-legged mare,' having broken her off foreleg in two places on June 18, 1897. Put down in May 1907, having become very infirm; supposed to have rheumatism, unable to rise

Азиз EG
рыжая 1878
Хорра EG
серая 1870
Зобейни EG
серая 1844
Гхази EG
серая 1850
Гадир EG
серая 1840
Ямама EG
серая 1845